South Reading MCC Jack Stocker H&H Saturday 11:00 -14:00 28th July. 3hr Hare & Hounds ACU54069 Entry fee £48 Day licence £15 if required available on the day.

Online entries now closed. Day entries are available at £50.

Supplementary regs available here
Any questions or queries e mail

INSURANCE The insurance cover for this event will be Basic (limit of liability £10M) and Medical Malpractice insurance (limit of liability £5m) is included. There is NO Personal Accident Insurance for Competitors. Competitors are therefore strongly recommended to purchase such Cover which is available through Locktons Motorsport Services contact: 0161 828 3300 website: www. or the ACU website (

Eligibility Open to all adults riding Solo motorcycles only. This event will be Hare & Hounds only which will require the rider to complete as many laps as possible in 3 Hours. NO SPECIAL TEST.

Entries limit 150. If there should be any entries left, the entry fee on the day will be £50. Riders have the option of accessing final instructions, their numbers, results and future event regs from

Start The start will be at ASHDOWN FARM, BLEWBURY, OXON and will be signposted from the A417 between Streatley and Blewbury. The event will not include use of public roads. Refreshments and toilets will be available at the start. There will be a riders meeting at 10:45am which you must attend. The first 10 riders will start at 11:00am followed by further groups of 10. DEAD-ENGINE START. The starter will determine the gap between groups of 10 riders although all competitors will be competing by 11:15am Refuelling - In designated area only. This area will be out of bounds to everyone except riders and officials

Course All classes will compete on a 6 mile course consisting of open fields, woodland and a Moto X course including hills.

General Riders must sign on 45 – 60 minutes before the start producing:- a) An ACU Licence. One day ACU licences are available for £15 and should be paid for up front as they have to be specially ordered up front. Riders who wish to apply for a full ACU licence must join a club first. South Reading M.C.C. Annual Club membership is available for £5. Machine Examination. Will be at least 30 minutes prior to start time, bikes will then be put in the Parc Ferme. Helmets to carry appropriate ACU stamp as defined in handbook. Tyres. There are no tyre restrictions

Non-starters The South Reading MCC committee have decided that entry money will only be refunded to entrants who inform the Secretary of the Meeting at least 6 days before the event in writing if they are to be a non-starter. Entry Declaration Please ensure that you read the entry declaration, it contains a new ‘concussion’ clause for 2016. South Reading MCC reserve the right to re-grade riders that they feel may have entered the wrong class.


I the undersigned apply to enter the event described above and in consideration thereof: -
• I declare that I have had the opportunity to read, and that I understand the National Sporting Code of the ACU, the ACU Standing Regulations, such Supplementary Regulations as have or may be issued for the event, and agree to be bound by them.
• I declare that I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the event and I am competent to do so. I confirm that I understand the nature and type of event I am entering and its inherent risks and agree to accept the same notwithstanding that such risks may involve negligence on the part of the organisers or officials.
• I confirm that I am not currently suspended from ACU permitted competition or on the ACU Stop List as a result of incurring a Concussion injury.
• I accept that insurance arranged on my behalf by the organisers of events that I may enter specifically excludes liability between the participants. I understand that this form may be used in litigation as evidence that any serious injury will be principally the result of my voluntary decision to engage in a high risk activity.
• I consent to details of any injuries I may suffer at this event being passed between all medical services and the Clerk of the Course.
• I consent to the collection and retention of my personal information by the ACU.
• I confirm that the machine(s) as described below which I shall participate on shall be suitable and proper for the purpose. I confirm that I am eligible to compete on the machines for which I have entered.
• I confirm that if any part of the event takes place on a public highway, the machine(s) described below shall be insured as required by the Road Traffic Acts, or equivalent legislation, and that they will comply with the regulations in respect thereof.
• I accept responsibility for any items borrowed from the Organiser during the course of the event. These items include but are not restricted to (safety clothing, transponders, accessories). I understand that I am liable for the cost or replacement of any items lost or not returned and non-payment or non-replacement of items borrowed may affect my entry into subsequent events.
• I confirm that I have not been refused an ACU Licence, nor had an ACU Licence suspended, nor have I been excluded from any ACU competition.
I understand and accept that as the Supplementary Regulations state the Insurance cover for this event is “Basic” there is no Personal Accident cover for Competitors and Liability cover in respect of any claim made by third parties is limited to £10 million.


I understand that by taking part in this event I am exposed to a risk of death, becoming permanently disabled or suffering some other serious injury and I acknowledge that even in the event that negligence on the part of the ACU, any event organiser, any circuit owner, the promoter, the organising club, the venue owner, or any individual carrying out duties on their behalf were to be a contributory cause of any serious injury I may suffer, the dominant cause of any serious injury will always be my voluntary decision to take part in a high risk activity. I have read the above and acknowledge that my participation in motorsport is entirely at my own risk. I agree that I am required to register on arrival by “signing on” at the designated place before taking part in any Practice Session/Race or Enduro.