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In consideration of being permitted to participate in this event I declare that I will be bound by the declaration on the event entry form.

I also acknowledge and accept the Risks of Motorsport as shown on the said entry form.

I give permission for details of any injuries I may suffer during this event to be given to the Clerk of the Course.

Race Number Name Class Licence Number Signature
1Bradley King 01 Championship74636 
4Simon Clark 01 Championship144256 
16Josh Marshall01 Championship  
10Alan Morrison01 Championship  
12Giles Richards 01 Championship  
2Nick life01 Championship1122 
3Jamie Paget 01 Championship  
243Tyson Maytom jones01 Championship  
22Chris Cook02 Expert120992 
94Bradley Rowland02 Expert  
18Moss Macriner02 Expert171016 
9Paul Taylor 02 Expertday lice 
29Grant Laming02 ExpertDay lice 
236Toni Burrows02 Expert94481 
20Niles reid02 Expert138013 
68J.earle 02 Expert119243 
21Jack Liddiard02 Expert162121 
19alan stringer02 Expert61048 
13Richard holmes02 Expert144603 
25Matthew Taylor02 ExpertTba  
5Rob JAGO 02 Expert132557 
15rob rule02 Expert88625 
14Jack Nixey02 Expert154113 
11Slim Tyrone 02 Expert161678 
17Harry lawrence02 ExpertDay lice 
24Lewis Gigg 02 Expert  
200Mark Cornick03 O40 Expert  
30Geoff brigden03 O40 Expert746757 
38Gary Holland03 O40 Expert11396 
43Steven harding03 O40 ExpertDay lice 
193Chris Marsh03 O40 Expert148988 
143Graham reid03 O40 Expert138013 
99JACK TWENTYMAN03 O40 Expert2482 
224Tim hewlett03 O40 Expert163470 
115David brignall03 O40 Expert139825 
36Wayne player 03 O40 Expert80408 
6jonathan tarr03 O40 Expert101335 
39scott medlyn03 O40 Expert181205 
37Gary mccoy03 O40 Expert114816 
241Paul Simpson03 O40 Expert  
34Dean hughes04 C/Man A162663 
51Tom vandy04 C/Man A96723 
62Jamie Watts 04 C/Man ADay Lice 
57Craig Osment04 C/Man A152059 
58Stephen Mulliner04 C/Man A139679 
50Ricky Christopher 04 C/Man ADay lice 
52Sam Dimmock04 C/Man A140467 
54Jason conner04 C/Man ADay 
59Josh player 04 C/Man ADay 
74Zennor Medlyn04 C/Man A145415 
41Gabriel Bolton04 C/Man A119107 
44Jon Sheppey04 C/Man ADay Lice 
100Matt Noad05 C/Man B146940 
92Scott taylor 05 C/Man B168034 
78Jordan Brigden 05 C/Man B45656 
79mark mundye05 C/Man Bday lice 
184Tom Protheroe05 C/Man BDay lice 
45Jonny Davidson05 C/Man BDay lice 
93Rudi Treliving05 C/Man B171092 
162Paul Jones05 C/Man Bday lice 
46Liam bartlett05 C/Man BDay lice 
70Lee Blackmore 05 C/Man B162077 
88Daniel Tinney05 C/Man B160754 
81Adrian Cligg05 C/Man Bday lice 
90Michael burgess 05 C/Man B172080 
76David dunn05 C/Man BDay lice 
77James murdoch dunn05 C/Man BDay lice 
42Ricky gaston05 C/Man BDay lice 
104Tom baker05 C/Man BDay 
53James Pamflett 05 C/Man BDay 
60Robert sheppard 05 C/Man BDay lice 
61Rob watts05 C/Man BDay 
72Shaun Brake05 C/Man B  
35Ashley Harrison05 C/Man B149067 
67Pete Nixey05 C/Man B153758 
40Tom Rowse05 C/Man B99614 
106Darren Giggs05 C/Man B133507 
73Ben Ware05 C/Man B  
247Andy Silverston 05 C/Man B122700 
196John Trevaskis05 C/Man B148825 
75Simon Trevaskis 05 C/Man B105634 
69Mark ferris 05 C/Man BDay lice 
82Dalton cook05 C/Man B180707 
164Jack Doe05 C/Man BDay lice 
66Ian yeo05 C/Man BDay lice 
64mark wilton05 C/Man B154409 
80robert stafford05 C/Man B180520 
83Stefanie jewell05 C/Man B135182 
71Steve morton05 C/Man B166960 
23Will fishleigh 05 C/Man B1210 
228john charles06 O40 C/Man80125 
95shane babey06 O40 C/Man86318 
170Andy Harper06 O40 C/Man134080 
141Steve dagger06 O40 C/ManDay lice 
133Graham Eke06 O40 C/Man150314 
131Rob Smith06 O40 C/Man? 
31Shaun baker06 O40 C/ManDay lice 
197Nicholas Pottow 06 O40 C/Man161403 
119Mark Britton06 O40 C/ManDay Lice 
154Lance Macklin06 O40 C/Man161406 
32Stuart Leicester06 O40 C/ManRoar 
33Dave Legge06 O40 C/ManDay lice 
146Simon Thomas06 O40 C/Man104583 
127Craig Redmond06 O40 C/Man  
137Andrew smith06 O40 C/Man121537 
176Dave Cholwill06 O40 C/Man5682 
240Colin Paddy06 O40 C/Man  
116Gerald Holdway06 O40 C/Man74339 
144Paul Hambidge06 O40 C/Man93028 
84Wayne Tipton06 O40 C/Man144134 
85Jerry Cornish06 O40 C/ManDay lice 
55Stumpy Rodriguez 06 O40 C/Man165734 
56Michael Harlow06 O40 C/ManDay lice 
63Kevin Rumming06 O40 C/Man  
172Alex Stevens07 Sportsman150008 
121Emily Hall07 Sportsman  
201Phil Nelson07 Sportsman136227  
175David Wright07 Sportsman131773 
174joe Gladwell07 Sportsman  
165Paul Tinney07 Sportsman155693 
96Keir Tett07 Sportsman176798 
159Daryl Burgess07 Sportsman180170 
173nick gifford07 SportsmanDAY LICE 
97Justin Bough 07 SportsmanDay lice 
91James Richards07 SportsmanDay Lice 
168Terry marsh07 SportsmanDay lice 
111Leon porter07 SportsmanDay lice 
112Graeme billington07 Sportsman167051 
113Jacob Haigh07 Sportsmanday lice 
186Gary fisher07 SportsmanDay 
169Morgan Deakin07 Sportsman  
126Simon Colvin07 Sportsman  
125Paul Whitmarsh07 Sportsman  
114chris porter07 Sportsmanday lice 
117Robert goodland 07 SportsmanDay lice 
122Tim portch07 SportsmanDay lice 
177clive copsey07 Sportsman  
124Mr Alan Pocock 07 SportsmanDay lice 
171Lawrence Gordon07 Sportsman  
118Adam groves07 SportsmanDay lice 
107Pieter du Toit07 SportsmanDay lice 
189Phillip Dibble07 SportsmanDay Lice 
108Matt Dibble07 SportsmanDay Lice 
190Charles Dibble07 SportsmanDay Lice 
102Paul Howe07 SportsmanLicence 
101Ryan howe07 SportsmanDay lice 
167Pete Nash07 Sportsman  
166Peter Mainhardt07 Sportsman148883 
103Dale Rees07 SportsmanDay Lice 
110Matt Cahill 07 SportsmanDay 
185Paul Nickless07 Sportsman171810 
123jamie bagnall07 Sportsman98612 
128Gary Holloway07 Sportsman  
160Paul Cooke07 SportsmanDay lice 
180Ross allison07 Sportsman180912 
8Frazer Lysaczenko07 SportsmanDay lice 
191Neil coffin07 SportsmanDay lice 
192Jamie loncar 07 Sportsman177188 
187Mikey porter07 SportsmanDay lice 
188Jack blacker07 Sportsman157726 
181Gary Taylor07 Sportsman130947 
182darryl swift07 SportsmanDay Lice 
183Niki gardiner07 SportsmanDay lice 
194Dale extance07 SportsmanDay lice 
161Carl Poore07 Sportsman  
163Luke Williams07 Sportsman  
246Charlie White07 Sportsman  
245Dan Griffiths07 Sportsman  
242Ben Cowdry07 Sportsman  

Total number of entrants = 208