PMCRC Entry/Signing on List Ordered by racenum


In consideration of being permitted to participate in this event I declare that I will be bound by the declaration on the event entry form.

I also acknowledge and accept the Risks of Motorsport as shown on the said entry form.

I give permission for details of any injuries I may suffer during this event to be given to the Clerk of the Course.

Race Number Name Class Licence Number Signature Notes
0Wade Martin07 Sportsman7922 
0Mark Paul07 Sportsman186028 
0Simon Beken01 Championship22264 
0Elliot Beken01 Championship100167 
0Richard07 Sportsman138597 
0chris ogrady05 O40 Clubman110363 
0chris ogrady05 O40 Clubman110363 
0Tim Newman05 O40 Clubman119582 
0Martin turner05 O40 Clubman158085 
0Daniel Ferguson 02 Expert163402 
0Dan Groom02 Expert136725 
0Brett Rowland02 Expert179045 

Total number of entrants = 13