Portsmouth Motorcycle Racing Club MUD FEST January 14th 2018

Start time of 10:30am

Final Instructions — Permit Number: ACU 52036

Clerk of the Course — Euan Harrison — Event Secretary — Phil Mann

Note: Check your race number & class on the Rider’s List. If your class is incorrect, please tell us ASAP by email info@pmcrc.co.uk.

Your race number allocated is for the year. Unless we run out then we reuse numbers if you haven’t ridden with us on a regular basis. (Ironman event numbers will differ)

VENUE: Woodberry lane, Rowlands Castle, Hants. Signposted from Emsworth common road, and follow orange markers for about 1 mile. Post Code: PO9 6DP

COURSE: Private woodland with a lap mileage of approximately 4.5 miles. The route will be marked with orange arrows. Hard/extreme routes will be clearly marked with white arrows.

PARKING: Please park considerately. DO NOT PARK OUTSIDE ON THE ROAD.

SIGNING ON: All competitors are to sign on before Machine Examination between 08:30hrs and 10:00hrs. All riders MUST show current ACU licence or purchase a day licence.

MEMBERSHIP: PMCRC membership card to be shown on request. Day membership £5.

BLUE TAPE: Single file, no overtaking, walking pace. The penalty for ignoring this will be exclusion!

LAP SCORING: Will be by a transponder system. Riders are to ensure they swipe the BLACK box on every lap this is the rider’s responsibility solely and failure to do so will not be corrected post race. If you retire before 13.00, PLEASE return your transponder to the signing-on tent.

MACHINE EXAMINATION: Competitors should present their Machines for Examination after signing on between 08:30 and 10:00hrs. Then you will be required to push your machine to the start line.

HELMETS: Must be ACU approved with the appropriate ACU Sticker.

NUMBERS: Must be displayed clearly on the front and both sides, failure to use appropriate numbers will lead to failing the examination. Any background colour allowed.

LIGHTS: Working lights are not required for this event.

NOISE: No noisy bikes, please. The Clerk of the Course or any nominated official can and will exclude excessively noisy machines at any time during the event. Please ensure your tail pipe is well packed, your exhaust is in good condition and that all springs and fasteners are in place and secure.

TYRES: No restrictions, any tyre may be used.

INSURANCE: All PMCRC events run under the ACU premier insurance cover. Details are available in the ACU handbook.

RIDERS BRIEFING: There will be a riders briefing at 10:00/10.15hrs — ALL RIDERS MUST ATTEND. Immediately after this briefing, engines may be warmed up for approx. 10 minutes.

START: The start will be a Dead Engine start at 10.30hrs, Starting in class order. Depending on numbers classes may be merged. (Championship, Expert, Clubman A, Over 40 Clubman, Clubman B, & Sportsman/Evo/ReBEL) at 1 minute intervals. The course will close at 13.00hrs. After the 2 1/2 Hours has elapsed the timing system calculates points based on finishing time after 13.00.

FINISH: At 13.00 riders will be stopped. You must pass the finish after 13.00hrs and before 13.30hrs to be classed as a finisher.

REFUELLING: Will only be allowed in the official refuelling area. Environmental Mats must be used when refuelling. Walking pace only in the refuelling area. Failure to comply will result in immediate exclusion. Pit crews may assist their riders, but under no circumstances are children or pets to enter this area. All riders must have a suitable fire extinguisher to hand when refuelling (2kg Dry power Type as per the ACU handbook).

ACCIDENTS: Injuries should be reported to the Secretary of the Meeting before leaving the venue.

REFRESHMENTS: Hot food and drinks will be available throughout the event from ‘The Roadside Chef’.

SMOKING: No smoking in the pits or when riding.

COURSE CUTTING: The penalty for course cutting or any other unsporting behaviour is immediate exclusion.

MARSHALS: Are there for your safety and those around you, you must follow their instructions and we will not accept any abuse of Marshals, failure to comply will result in exclusion.

LITTER: Please take your litter home.

Provisional results will be online Sunday evening if possible at www.pmcrc.uk
Lap times will be available during the following week.